Wakayama’s nature pickled as it is.
“Old-fashioned pickles”, that’s why it’s so healthy.

Healthy and tasty “Countryside Pickles” are completely additive-free and homemade by a maturing fermentation method which is rare even in Japan. We also sell the superfood AMAZAKE “Hana-no-Amazake” which is made from additive-free malted rice.



3597, Noshima, Nada-cho, Gobo City, Wakayama


Matsubayashi Nou-en Farm

Try the amazingly mellow aroma of wild Yuzu Citrons
that are raised from seeds at Kozagawa, Wakayama

There is a field of seedling Yuzu Citrons in the land of Kozagawa, Wakayama. Grown in the wild, the Yuzu fruits here has a richer fragrant and stronger taste than other fruits grown on grafted trees. The Premium PONZU made with these Yuzu is superb. It goes perfectly with beef steaks, grilled meat or fish. Check out the speciality Yuzu products from the local Yuzu Citron farm.

Matsubayashi Nou-en Farm


987, Mitogawa, Kozagawa-cho, Higashimuro District, Wakayama

Kishugamo-Hompo Ota Poultry
紀州鴨本舗 太田養鶏場

Ducks raised with great care in the nature of Wakayama.
The finest quality poultry brand, “Kishu Ducks”.

The finest quality “Kishu Duck” are kept in a breezy barn all year round, given water trickling from the mountains, and live on sawdust of 100% Kishu wood. The red meat against the white fat is beautiful. They have a rich and strong flavor but lean, so it can be said to be the No.1 poultry of its kind.

Kishugamo-Hompo Ota Poultry


1360-2, Ta, Yuasa-cho, Arida District, Wakayama


Daikaku Souhompo

Try the rich flavor of sesame in this “Sesame Tofu”
brought out with the latest technology.

The Sesame Tofu specially made in Koyasan has won a prize presented by the Minister of Agriculture.
Their tofu is made by traditional methods combined with the latest technology to bring out the flavor from every grain of the sesame seeds. The sesame paste is mixed with Yoshino kuzu (arrowroot) which makes it sticky but also smooth, and the flavor of the sesame just bursts in your mouth.

Daikaku Souhompo


2357, Chonomachi, Katsuragi-cho, Ito District, Wakayama


Kanazawa Juo-ken

A Japanese sweets shop founded in 1911.
The fourth-generation owner continues to cultivate their tradition of 100 years.

The nostalgic shop interior that has been around for more than 100 years is like a small history museum. The secret of their long establishment is their passion to create new sweets and passing on the traditions at the same time. The non-melting “Arrowroot Popsicles” made with Wakayama’s famous fruits are a proof they have always been determined to take up a challenge.

Kanazawa Juo-ken


757 Nagura, Koyaguchicho, Hashimoto City, Wakayama


Kishu Honjo Umeyoshi

Paying close attention to each and every plum.
A wide range of plum products from the farmer itself.

For more than 100 years, they have been growing plum. The Nanko-bai plum they grow are a proud result of their years of farming. From green ume plums to ripe ume plums, from plum pastes to plum wine, they bring you a wide variety of plum products. The juicy flavor of the plum wine they brew is a must-try: very valuable for it is unable to mass-produce.

Kishu Honjo Umeyoshi


278, Nishihonjo, Minabe-cho, Hidaka District, Wakayama



Handling whitebait for more than 100 years.
The blessing of nature is the secret recipe.

Since their foundation in 1903, the shop has been providing customers with healthy and delicious shirasu (whitebait) processed with only salt, water, and the sunshine, without any additives or artificial coloring. The shop is equipped with a bus parking lot, and also organizes tours and sales events.



407, Suhara, Yuasa-cho, Arida District, Wakayama



The latest superfood brought to you by the traditional recipe protected for more than 200 years.
A long-established store of the healthy and delicious “Kishu Kinzanji-miso”.

The history of Kinazanji-miso is as long as those of the shakuhachi (bamboo flutes) and tea ceremonies. This long-established miso shop of Kinzanji-miso has been maintaining the same recipe that was handed down about 750 years ago since 1808.
Made from pure Japanese rice, barley, and soybeans with the addition of cucumbers, eggplants, ginger, and shiso (Japanese basils), this delicious miso can be served just as it is. No preservatives are used at all. It is truly a super food in modern Japan.



664-6, Takara Yuwacho, Gobo City, Wakayama


Hakki Farm

Farming is Science! “Traditional peach farming” plus “New technology”
The best and finest peach brought to you in many forms!

Wakayama’s famous peach brand, the “Arakawa Peach”.
Their farming technique has been carried out for more than four hundred years. Along with that, they work on the latest scientifically proven technology which is to stimulate the trees’ “pressure point” to increase the polyphenol density and to recover the tree strength.
They offer not just fresh peaches but also peach purees and other speciality products which is why the Hakki Farm is the best.

Hakki Farm


266-3, Momoyamacho, Kinokawa City, Wakayama


Inami-no-sato Baien Plum Field

Discovering the New within the Old…
A new sense of value from their home-grown Ume plums

The pickled plum named “Visiting the Kumano-Kodo” won the prize presented by the Minister of Agriculture.
Collaborating with popular characters and the gift brand “HaNa” which were created by interpreting the Ume plum as a kind of fruit are just the beginning of their unique projects. They are continually finding ways to bring out new values from Umeboshi (pickled plums) and Ume plums.

Inami-no-sato Baien Plum Field


1529, Nishinoji, Inami-cho, Hidaka District, Wakayama

UOHIKO Suisan marine products

The Seafood of Wakayama while it’s fresh!

From fish for daily meals to fish for luxury dishes. At your service while they’re fresh. It’s like a treasure box of fish that are affected by the Kuroshio currant in the best way possible. KUEs, bonitos, cutlass fish and Japanese spinal lobsters… they offer you many kinds of seafood of Wakayama.



2315-2, Yuzaki, Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro District, Wakayama

Jutaya Yutani Shoten store

The third generation who knows everything about the traditional whaling and the ecology of whales will deliver you the traditional food culture of Wakayama.

Jutaya’s third-generation owner is a much sought-after man for his whale-handling skill. He has been passing down the tradition of whale-fishing and sends out a message regarding the importance of life. They deliver the most delicious whale and fish products, traditional skills and taste.

Jutaya Yutani Shoten store


3077-26, Taiji, Taiji-cho, Higashimuro District, Wakayama


After listening to the legend of Princess Anchin Kiyohime, “Etoki seppo (storytelling with illustrations)”, at Dojo-ji Temple, you can enjoy Dojo-ji’s speciality, “Tsurigane Manju,” a famous Wakayama souvenir!
We bake them one by one in ANCHIN’s original baking machine!

Don’t forget to pick up the must-buy souvenir, the Tsurigane Manju, when you visit Dojo-ji.
The sweet buns are available with the fillings of your choice including the most popular smooth red bean paste, white bean paste and custard. You should also check out the plum paste filled manju, one of the best products of Wakayama which has been certified as “Wakayama Premium”.
Seasonal fillings such as cherry blossom paste, chestnut paste and chocolate paste for Valentine’s Day are also available.
The dough for the buns is made from Wakayama Kishu ume-tamago eggs. Be sure to try our original Tsurigane Manju made with varieties of Wakayama’s specialties!



1745-3, Kanemaki, Hidakagawa-cho, Hidaka District, Wakayama